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Water Pump

Your cooling system is very important. It circulates coolant through the radiator and your engine to protect your car from overheating. There are five main components to the cooling system: the radiator the radiator cap the hoses the thermostat and the water pump The water pump’s like the heart of your cooling system, circulating the […]

Go Straight: Wheel Alignment For Mankato Automobiles

Mankato car owners may have an alignment problem if their car drifts or pulls to one side, the steering wheel’s off center, they notice uneven tire wear or the car doesn’t feel like it handles right as they drive down Mankato MN streets and highways. When all of a vehicle’s wheels are lined up exactly […]

All Lined Up: Wheel Alignment Service At Autotronics

When all of your vehicle’s wheels are lined up exactly with each other, your wheels are in alignment. Hitting a road hazard or even just the normal bumps and bounces of everyday driving in Mankato can cause your SUV’s wheels to be out of alignment. Driving for an extended time in Mankato when your wheels […]

Mankato Alignment Service

Your car might have an alignment problem if: it drifts or pulls to one side, your steering wheel is off center, you have uneven tire wear or your car doesn’t feel like it handles right. When all of a vehicle’s wheels are lined up exactly with each other, your wheels are in alignment. Running into […]

Madison Lake Drivers: Is It Time To Replace Your PCV Valve?

Your browser does not support video Improved fuel economy has two benefits: less fuel is necessary and fewer emissions are released. Madison Lake cars and trucks run cleaner than ever. Madison Lake auto owners may not realize that the first federally mandated pollution control device came out almost fifty years ago. MN auto owners that […]

Brake Service

Brakes really aren’t optional equipment. And taking care of them isn’t optional either. A regular brake inspection is on every car’s maintenance schedule. An inspection will check your brake system and let you know if there are any problems. Of course, if you’re having trouble with your brakes, get your car into a Mankato or […]

Professional Fuel System Cleaning

Getting adequate fuel to your engine is very important for performance, fuel economy and safety. In order to accomplish this, your fuel system needs to be clean. Today’s production cars have fuel injectors, rather than a carburetor. The injectors need to be cleaned from time to time in order to deliver the fuel with the […]

Autotronics: Good Service And Good Fuel Economy

Most Mankato and Kasota car owners want to save on gas and seek our advice on improving fuel economy. At Autotronics, we are frequently asked, however, if it is really worth the extra effort. Just how much money can Kasota car owners actually save? The US government has a website dedicated to helping us use […]

Fuel Saving Tip: Slow Down Around Mankato

There’s not much we can do about the price of gas in Mankato MN, but we do quite a bit about how much we use as we’re driving on our Mankato streets. Our driving habits can dramatically affect our fuel economy. Slow Down In Mankato for Fuel Economy The first thing we can do is […]

Buying the Right Tires and Wheels In Mankato MN

All new passenger vehicles on our Mankato MN roads now have tire pressure monitoring systems – TPMS for short. They are designed to alert you if your tires are under inflated. Since they are fairly new, a lot of people have questions about TPMS. First off, the most important thing is that you still need […]