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Check Engine Light

A glowing check engine light is something many drivers choose to ignore.  In many cases, the reason for the light is something that is easy to solve, but leaving it unfixed is dangerous.  The check engine light is only triggered for a particular set of reasons.  These reasons vary and because of that it’s never safe to assume it’s “just nothing” and ignore it.  At Autotronics, the first thing we’ll tell you is to check your gas cap.  This can keep you from having to come all the way to a shop just to have someone give it a quick twist.  After you’ve done that, if the light is still on, come to us and let us plug in to our equipment and get the code that will tell us exactly what’s up.  From there, Autotronics will work with you to solve the issue.

  • Answers for All of Your Check Engine Light Causes
  • Fast, Accurate Computer Readout
  • We Can Repair MOST Check Engine Light Causes Same Day
  • Autotronics Technicians have Over 75 Years of Combined Experience
  • All of Our Repair Technicians are ASE Certified
  • Autotronics Offers a 24 Month/24,000 Mile Parts & Labor Warraty