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We have been very happy with the service we receive and recommend you to anyone needing service on their car. – Bill & Margie Jensen ★★★★★

Drivetrain and Differential

In your vehicle, there are major systems that are made up of multiple subsystems.  One such example is the drivetrain.  This word refers to the systems that work to get the power the engine creates to the ground with as little lost as possible.  As you can imagine, the drivetrain is comprised of several major parts.  The differential is one stop along this route that is very important.  Inside its housing is a complex system which allows 2 wheels on the same axle to turn at different speeds.  Without this ability, you couldn’t turn or handle curves effectively at all.  Autotronics has the knowledge, experience and integrity to solve your drivetrain and differential problems without breaking the bank. What makes Autotronics the right shop for you?

  • Differential Service Includes Maintenance, Repair & Fluid Work
  • Drivetrain Work at Autotronics is Cost Effective & Long Lasting
  • Autotronics Technicians have Over 75 Years of Combined Experience
  • All of Our Repair Technicians are ASE Certified
  • Autotronics Offers a 24 Month/24,000 Mile Parts & Labor Warraty