Mankato Auto Repair

We have been very happy with the service we receive and recommend you to anyone needing service on their car. – Bill & Margie Jensen ★★★★★

Exhaust System Repair

If the undercarriage of your vehicle could talk, it would tell you how Minnesota winters are not car friendly.  It’s not just because of the dangerous driving conditions that happen during those cold months.  Because of the salt, sand, and chemicals that get used on the roads, metal parts on the underside of your vehicle are being worn away much faster than those on vehicles that don’t face winter.  The same goes for your exhaust system.  May of the parts in this system are under the car, and subject to all the normal wear and tear on top of winter erosion.  Here at Autotronics, we are fully equipped and trained to handle virtually any exhaust system issue from the manifold to the tailpipe.

  • Exhaust System Repair Reduces Noise, & Increases Performance
  • We can Handle Exhaust Repairs & Performance Exhaust Improvements
  • Autotronics Technicians have Over 75 Years of Combined Experience
  • All of Our Repair Technicians are ASE Certified
  • Autotronics Offers a 24 Month/24,000 Mile Parts & Labor Warraty